I love, love, love New Years Resolutions.  Annually, I write down my resolutions in a leather-bound notebook and complete a video diary with my partner about my goals for the year ahead with all of the excitement/nostalgia that comes with writing about the future, while thinking about the past, while listening to Auld Lang Syne softly playing in the background. 

I am also really proud of my resolution-keeping abilities.  I have flossed almost everyday since 2011, I gave up biting my nails in 2012 and I have been almost perfect at limiting my desserts and "screen time" on weekends, per my 2014 New Years Resolutions. 

Why limit this type of goal-setting goodness to the shortest days of the years?  As a teacher, I think it's incredibly important to take full advantage of my summers "off" (I work many, many hours over the summer on curriculum, professional development and at one week summer camps).   Here's my list of Summer 2014 Resolutions.  I will document my learning around these experiences on the home page of my portfolio of living and learning.

Summer 2014 Resolutions

1. Make moist, flaky and well-flavored scones

2. Make chewy, crusty homemade bagels with Scott

3. Climb a glaciated peak

4. Learn python and ways to teach coding

5. Incorporate investing and microeconomics into my economics curriculum

6. Successfully plan and pull off a wedding

7.  Plan an amazing curriculum for the new innovation course

8. Go surfing at the Oregon coast

9. Bike the Springwater Corridor Trail to Oxbow Park

10. Make bunting flag banners for our wedding

11. Find and use a portfolio-based grading program for my students


End of Summer 2014 Resolution Report

1. Yes!  Maybe not flakey, but warm, soft and delicious marionberry scones.

2. Found lots of recipes, made a shopping list, but could not find the time (or the willpower to turn on the oven) this summer

3. Yes!  South Sister on my Honeymoon.

4. Nope - needed a break from my laptop - will startup with Treehouse and my Python book this school year.

5. Yes!  I'm using the book "Man vs. Markets" by Hirsch and an investopedia simulation to help me out.

6. Yes!  It was an incredible day filled with love.

7. KInd of...lots of ideas, but I still need more structure.

8. Yes...although it was an incredibly rough day in the ocean so it was more like bodyboarding with a surfboard.

9. Yes!  42 hilly miles in the books to a pretty amazing river and forest.

10. Yes - tedious, but an artistic accomplishment.  Thank you to my colleague who cued me into a cutting mat and a cutting wheel.

11. Yes!  We're using Squarespace to build progress, process and product portfolios...more to come on the blog.