I am an entrepreneur, futurist, instructional designer, learner, and teacher. My life's mission is to empower young people by creating innovative learning experiences and connecting what happens in school with the world outside of school. I have a decade of classroom experience at some of the best public and private high schools in the country. I've had success teaching a wide variety of subjects, including Advanced Placement US History, Geography, World Religions, Economics, Innovation, Personal Finance, and International Relations. I've also been a strategic planning consultant, teacher leader, curriculum/program developer, and a speaker at local and national conferences. I am the co-founder and the Director of Startup Camp, now FounderZ Weekend. I love working with young people, but I could not continue to be part of an educational system that is so disconnected with the pace of change, skills required, and problems that need to be solved in the world.  I launched Five Years In in 2017 to create learning experiences, partnerships, innovative programs and work-based learning opportunities for young people.

One of my current goals is to read the New Yorker and the Economist cover to cover in one week.  For now, I dabble in both.

Have you read this incredible article on sand?

My favorite movies are directed by Christopher Guest.

I am bullish about seaweed. It's wonderful to bathe in and will most likely be an abundant and renewable source of food and fuel in the future.

Having grown up in the Chicago area and attended Carleton College in Minnesota, I believe in Midwestern nice.  

I am grateful for the beauty around me, the kindness of others, the fragrance of nature and the sound of silence, especially on early morning runs or sunset walks.  I think about my own mortality frequently and with a deep appreciation for life and my relationships.  I am motivated to make the most of whatever time I might have here.

Overall, I try be a good neighbor and a force for positive change in the Portland community.

In my free time I learn, set goals, read voraciously, run long distances, listen to music, lay in hammocks, bake and spend as much time as possible with my sweet family, including my husband, Scott, my daughter, Greer, and my chocolate lab, Paddington.